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Every month we host a discussion consisting of women working in the music tech industry. We ask our patented five questions then open the floor for a Q&A. If you are interested in being a guest speaker in person or via video conference please contact us from the links below.

In addition we also host a monthly workshop just for female-identifying students interested in music technology at all levels.

We are a group of three women studying at Berklee College of Music's satellite campus in Valencia, Spain. Upon graduation in July 2018 Lily Gagnon and Jasmine Kok will be receiving a Masters in Music Production and Technology, and Anna Parry will receive a Masters in Global Entertainment and Music Business. We are a diverse group coming from the United States, Canada, and Malaysia respectively, and are passionate about women in music technology.

In the current Music Production and Technology program at Berklee the ratio of women to men is 10:37 although an improvement from the previous years enrollment of 3:30 there is a glaring underrepresentation of women in the program.  Unfortunately this is representation of the industry as a whole, as by now we all know the statistics.  At Berklee we are lucky to be surrounded by young talented women in the undergraduate and study abroad programs.  As all three of us share the common goal of gender equality we want to help provide the younger female students with knowledge and mentorship and work towards closing the gender gap in technology.

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